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Q2 2018

Planning to do a little more in the vein of last year’s stuff. Also a little more reading, and writing.

Last year

  • Web dev work: I was excited and honoured to do some in August & September, that prompted this “Dessert Manifesto” post on my Instagram haha. I’d love to do more work in this vein, if time allows. Yes, I am being vague and a little lowkey about it. 😀
  • Brunei Cabinet database: The passive ongoing project I worked on most in 2017: a list of Brunei’s Ministers and Permanent Secretaries. I keep it updated with every appointment and I also try to collect older data. But it’s also a bit more than that! There are different views or “collections”, for example a list of women senior officers, officers listed by age, officers listed by academic background. More info here.
  • Compiling Brunei-related content: I tried new ways to compile content of interest to me – usually writings, tweets, artwork. Here is my list of bookmarked Brunei tweets, and it draws on bookmarks in my Pinboard account (not to be confused with Pinterest). You can also see bookmarked Brunei articles and Brunei (art)works on my Pinboard. I don’t quite know what I’m going to do with these collections, but I’m happy to have them at hand.


In my day job, I’m a web developer in the private sector. I’ve mentioned that I’d like to write more about working in IT, and perhaps on being a woman in IT. I would also like to do more programming outside of my job – perhaps make a Telegram bot, or build a little web app pulling data from one of my Airtable projects!

I also have an interest in how tech is used in communities, and in digital communities (I have an MA in Digital Sociology!). I currently don’t have any clearly-defined aims in this area, beyond my individual projects and being a semi-regular at Brunei Geek Meet‘s monthly meets.

– possiblyzebra

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