Things I’ve Written or Made – Feb 2018

I will no longer be updating this post – I will instead be updating on my projects and writing on this page. I’m keeping this post around for archival purposes.

For those of you wanting to read more recent stuff by me, here are some of my more notable mini-essays, thought dumps, mini-projects, or articles posted on other websites.



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Survey on Brunei Government Scholarships Abroad

This post hasn't been updated in over 3 years.

As part of my MA in Digital Sociology this year, I’m doing a class on research methods. I’m interested in finding out the perspectives of Brunei residents on government scholarships, particularly those that send students abroad for higher education.

The survey is currently running (edited) CLOSED; the last day will be 4 April 2014 (UK time).

Survey has ended! Thank you!

I have a totally unrealistic goal of getting 100 responses, so if you like the survey, I appreciate if you could share or tweet this page, or the above survey link. (Note on privacy: The short URL collects statistics on where a visitor clicks from, but otherwise doesn’t collect any personal data. See’s ethics information.)

Results will also be posted here. If I do not reach the 100-response mark, I will still share the figures. More information here on the research rationale, design, etc.

  • 2 Apr 2014:
    This morning I woke up to over 100 responses! It took just a little over 2 days. Thanks so much everyone for your responses! I am especially thankful to everyone who shared and tweeted the survey – I know it doesn’t take much to click the “share” button, but I’m feeling full of gratitude and fluffy feelings at the moment! I can only guess that the survey took off because its topic was something you guys were interested in. So, I’ve decided to keep the survey open for anyone who still wants to participate, but I have changed the last day from 5 April to 4 April. Thanks again all.
  • 5 Apr 2014:
    The survey has been closed! Thank you!
Mar 2014

Unofficial e-darussalam Guide (2014)

This post hasn't been updated in over 3 years.

This guide was written in February 2014 and applicable as of then. In November 2014, the e-darussalam ( website was revamped. While some features remain, my specific screenshots are no longer applicable. The ability to search all Brunei government domains is still possible at but I am not sure if the search index is up-to-date. This will be my last update on this post; any writings about future changes to the website will be published in a new post.

You may never have heard of e-darussalam. It is a Brunei Government portal that was launched in 2011 with the shortest Bruneian domain name:, in hopes that people would find it easy to remember.

Since its launch, it has been under the management of EGNC, or E-Government National Centre, a department under the Prime Minister’s Office.

I wrote this “guide” because I think e-darussalam has some neat features that are not highlighted well. Please note though, I have focused on the main “website” portion of e-darussalam, rather than its e-services that require login. Also, a disclaimer: I used to work on e-darussalam. Yay.

This guide is applicable to the website as of February 2014. I will update here if that is the case. As of writing, e-darussalam looks like this:

e-darussalam - Home Page


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Feb 2014
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LegCo 2012: Thanks for the Update

This post hasn't been updated in over 3 years.

(I originally wrote a much longer LegCo post, but felt that I was making two different points, so I separated them. The other post is about the public expectation of LegCo to be about “debate”, and the response from concerned citizens on Twitter about the relevance of issues raised.)


As a young opinionated citizen with no background in politics, I would like to share my personal opinions and observations regarding the ongoing 8th Legislative Council proceedings in Brunei.

I write without having ever sat in a LegCo proceeding (yet!), or being in the shoes of a Minister.

I am also secretly (cough, cough) a civil servant.

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Mar 2012
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LegCo 2012: Word of the day is “Expectations”

This post hasn't been updated in over 3 years.

(I originally wrote a much longer LegCo post, but felt that I was making two different points, so I separated them. The other post is about LegCo becoming a platform for updating on progress, and I felt that I would prefer more meat to such updates.)


This year, the 8th Legislative Council (LegCo) session got a Twitter hashtag: #legco8As noted on, the Bruneian Twitterverse was keen to take up on this. The comments in the #legco8 feed on Twitter this year show concerned citizens being skeptical, snarky, sometimes appreciative, but most likely frustrated with the reports on the LegCo proceedings.

I have a feeling that there may be a disconnect between what the Government expects LegCo to be, and what the public expects it to be.

Expectations of “Debate”

There is a perception that LegCo is about “debate”. From the official website of Jabatan Majlis-Majlis Mesyuarat, the functions of LegCo are given as:

  • Merundingkan dan meluluskan undang-undang
  • Mengenakan sekatan-sekatan kewangan
  • Meneliti polisi-polisi Kerajaan dan lain-lain perkara berkaitan dengan perjalanan Majlis Mesyuarat Negara

(Source: Fungsi Majlis Mesyuarat Negara)

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Mar 2012
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