Brunei Cabinet Database

URL: <-- View database here

Also viewable on Airtable Universe as Brunei Ministers and Permanent Secretaries :)
(This link is good for sharing! Please note though, while this a more polished version of the database, it is a copy and may not be up-to-date)



Database of current, as well as previous, Brunei Cabinet members (Ministers, Deputy Ministers, and positions with Ministerial Ranks). Also includes Permanent Secretaries and Deputy Permanent Secretaries.

Does not currently include Legislative Council members - I am considering this.

What is recorded:

Visit the database here.
(This is the full database, including supporting tables. If this is confusing or uninteresting for you, then have a look at the Database Views instead.)

Not a Feature: Titles & Hierarchies

Apologies that the titles of individuals, and the appropriate hierarchies of Ministries, may not be shown correctly. This is not meant to offend, it's to make the database simpler to manage.

Features: Database Views

Obviously, you can view the Current Cabinet: Gallery (Cabinet only) | List (All, not just Cabinet)

The database is meant to be a reference to current and past appointments. Other than that, I also thought it would be useful to have certain kinds of information (i.e. database views/queries) about Brunei senior government appointments, like..


Currently, I've collected appointments during the 2010-2015 and 2015-2010 periods. There are still many gaps that I try to update in my spare time.

If you'd like to help contribute, I'd greatly appreciate it! (Crowdsourcing is A++, guys)




Part 1: Spreadsheet

To keep track of 'who replaced who' in the 2015 Brunei Cabinet reshuffle, I started a spreadsheet on Google Sheets. I ended up also tracking appointments of Permanent Secretaries and their Deputies. The further back I dug, the larger the spreadsheet became.

Part 2: Database (Current)

The spreadsheet got unwieldy, so when I discovered Airtable, I experimented with the data in a database format. I liked it so much that I ended up transferring it over from the spreadsheet to the database. (Databases are a lot of fun.)


It's worth mentioning that although SiapaKedia by BAG Networks was not a direct inspiration for this project, I had used it occasionally as a resource for checking appointments and "who's who" of senior government officials. It was pretty thorough! When I created my spreadsheet, SiapaKedia had already started to be inactive.



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