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This is a list of the Brunei Council of Cabinet Ministers.

4 things to know about this list:

1. Where does the information come from? I use official sources such as Radio Televisyen Brunei (RTB), official ministry websites, and local media or news outlets. There are sometimes variations in names, and I try to use the correct titles and hierarchies, but mistakes are possible. All sources are listed in the database.
2. Is it up-to-date? It depends how often I update, which I try to do as soon as there are any changes. But I have my own life and this isn't an official job, so it isn't guaranteed. You may cross-check against the information on the Majlis Mesyuarat website.
3. Why did you make this list? I've found that there isn't a good government source - one that is simple and readable, that isn't in PDF or graphical format. Sometimes you just need a text version. Read about the wider background relating to my Brunei Cabinet Database.
4. Database? I've built and maintained a "Brunei Cabinet" database since 2015, so it contains more than the current cabinet. It also contains Brunei Darussalam's current and previously appointed Ministers, Deputy Ministers, positions with Ministerial Ranks, Permanent Secretaries and Deputy Permanent Secretaries. Find out more about the database here, or check out the different Database Views linked just below.
Database Views

Current Cabinet

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Want to see the full database?



This list pulls data from a larger database, which I also created. Check it out if you're interested in appointments on PermSec levels, as well as former appointments.

You can view it here:

Compiled and barely sellotaped together with Airtable & Vue.js by @possiblyzebra (Hazirah M):



Many thanks to all who have contributed :) Detailed contributions can be found in the database, on specific rows/records.


Thanks GDG Brunei and Women Techmakers Brunei for having me on the Project Showcase for GDG DevFest 2019


Vue.js - A basic implementation, thanks to A basic introduction to the Airtable API by Ryan Hayden (Row and Table).

Vue was updated to v.3 in 2022, thanks to How to Migrate from Vue v.2 to Vue v.3 with a Simple Example Project by Fabio Pacific (freeCodeCamp)

Website - Made with Bamboo CSS and new.css. I made this for SEO reasons, let's be honest, but also for those of you who couldn't understand the database interface on Airtable, so you're welcome!

Appointments - I keep track of changes with this unofficial RSS feed for RTB News, with IFTTT. RSS is great!

Pretty things & also clicky things - Emoji CSS, W3.CSS

Obvious, but Airtable is my love