The Sahur List. A database of late closing times in Brunei during Ramadhan in 2023. Only closing times 10.30pm and onwards are included. Disclaimers apply. Contributions are welcome!

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This list was also up and in use in: 2021 (Ramadhan 1442), 2018 (Ramadhan 1439).

First version was in 2017, as an Airtable database only.

The database: See it here About


Supported by @ziqahm and @ker_a in 2021

Inspired and supported by @faeyakof and @ziqahm in 2017-2018 <3

Compiled and barely sellotaped together with Airtable & Vue.js by me, @possiblyzebra

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Thank you Brunei Districts, Mukims, Kampongs by @TheWheat, since 2017

Thank you Liyana Hanif for "The Sahur List" tagline, since 2021

Many thanks to all contributors over the years, whether you contributed information or coffee "tips" - you're awesome! :)


Information is collected from restaurant websites, social media accounts, and signs or first-hand accounts collected in person from restaurants. It is up to restaurants to honour their stated closing times.

Temporary closing times (e.g. closed one day for a private function) will not be updated here, kindly contact restaurant or visit their websites / social media accounts to check.

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