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End of 2021: Just 3 Things

When one has been away from one’s blog for a while, there’s tremendous pressure (from oneself) to come back with a Big Ol’ Post. And it’s December, so make that a Big Ol’ End-of-Year Post. But I just… can’t. These last few...

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Current Favourite Pokemon

Hi, this is Vanillite

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Book Journal: It’s April

I sit here – like many others I’m sure – within “stay at home” measures, as we have been officially encouraged (no lockdown in Brunei), privileged to do so while having to adjust to the changes, amidst all the ways in which the...


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Things I’ve Written or Made – Feb 2018

I will no longer be updating this post – I will instead be updating on my projects and writing on this page. I’m keeping this post around for archival purposes. For those of you wanting to read more recent stuff by me, here are...

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Website theme, meet 2021

My website theme is over 10 years old. I kept it because I liked it a lot, even as I saw that the theme was not being updated by its developers – their website was working up to 2014. As the years passed, I customised it heavily...

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Criticism and Continuity in Brunei

A long post follows. Read-o-Meter says it may take you over 20 minutes. There are three main sections, each broken into a further 3-4 subsections. Thank you for reading. This is a post which took me a while to do, as I rewrote...

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Unofficial e-darussalam Guide (2014)

This guide was written in February 2014 and applicable as of then. In November 2014, the e-darussalam ( website was revamped. While some features remain, my specific screenshots are no longer applicable. The ability to...

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Web & apps, communities, government, information design, books, Brunei. Reflections and afterthoughts. I always apologise for not being an expert in what I'm writing about, i.e. my imposter syndrome levels are moderate-high.

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Current Favourite Pokemon

Hi, this is Vanillite

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Jan 2022:
Updated What I'm Doing Now

Please bear with the site! I got a new theme but the stuff is kind of everywhere :')

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Brunei on the Web

I'm very interested in Bruneian user-generated content on the web, which I still struggle to explain. (Insert list of academic terms). Here are some!

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