I tend to not keep “unread” piles of books. Mostly because I have started reading them. The main problem I have is in finishing them.

Thanks Off The Shelf Challenge for giving me the idea to do something about the poor things. Dare I set myself a public target, for the number of unread/unfinished books on my shelf to finally (gasp) get a change of status? I’m going to be a little realistic and say… 6.

Yes, that’s 1 previously unfinished book in two months. Give me a break. I’m not the book-devouring monster I once was.

Also, it gives a little room for the Discworld, Harry Potter and The Exiles re-reads that I do annually, not to mention books acquired in 2011 that will undoubtedly capture my attention but are unfortunately disqualified from the challenge. Also, manga, if only Best Eastern would hurry up and get the newer Fullmetal Alchemist volumes out. 🙂

And here comes LibraryThing with a nifty widget so you can see some of these books I plan to finish off this year (oh, optimism).

Full list of books under my “To Read” collection here. Of which a significant number have been under that label for years.