I would be particularly pleased if the two pools in the vicinity of the National Stadium in Berakas could kindly take note.

  • Fix those outdoor showers and reduce the rush and queuing for showers at 6.00pm.
  • Please don’t tell me that there are “no more” locker room keys. Devise effective penalties to those who don’t return their keys.
  • Don’t ring the bell until it is actually 6.00pm. It’s not fair to say the pool is closed is 6-7pm when you ring the bell at 5.45pm.
  • Hand soap near the sinks would be lovely.
the pool, the diving ramp, the sky

It's really not so bad, okay?

I also note that…

  • Money may not be of abundance.
  • Complaints are easy to hand out, while solutions are not as easily forthcoming.
  • A person or department’s work (in terms of quantity, frequency and scope) may comprise more than what the public actually sees. Also, there are priority lists.
  • You may not even particularly care what the users of your facilities think. (But I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that the above points are larger factors for any “lacking”.)

Hence the word “wish”.

Otherwise, I do thank you for the cheap facilities and the clean changing rooms. I wouldn’t want the Government to think me ungrateful. đŸ˜›


For info on opening hours, have a look here at The Wheat Field’s post on Brunei National Swimming Pool Opening Hours. (Yes, “H” is me. I can be kiasu that way.)