I was optimistic, and decided to set myself some reading goals for 2011:

But as you may have gleaned from my excuses in Nov 2011, it looked like I was failing the challenge!

The records say:

Unfinished Books

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Book reviews:

In fact, there were 2 more that I finished, but did not write about:

The final count is:
4 out of 6


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I actually completed 2 e-books this year:

  • Pride & Prejudice, Jane Austen (a re-read! and happy with it :))
  • Kane and Abel, Jeffrey Archer (my first Jeffrey Archer novel, after reading his short stories when I was younger)

So it’s 2 e-books read in 2012. However, the challenge stated I had to write a review on the book, so with that technicality in mind, the final count is:

0 out of 12

But enough self-pitying. Here comes another year.