I consider myself a Final Fantasy fan. I have played FF5 up till FF9, finishing only 2 of those, with brief tries on FF4, FF10 and FF12. For the purposes of this post, you can consider me inexperienced with the recent Final Fantasy offerings from the last, oh, 10 years. (That’s Final Fantasy X, i.e. FF10, and everything after it!)

So I have been playing Final Fantasy III on the iPad, and I still cannot get over the fact that, for the first time playing a Final Fantasy game, I can actually see expressions and emotions on the character’s faces at such a close range:

Refia: Toads!? *ughhh you-guys-suck face*
Luneth: I'm Luneth! Nice to meetcha! *cheerful face, i'm-so-relaxed pose*

And yet the victory pose looks like this:

Victory pose: The gang obtained 192 gil. And are bored by it.

C’mon guys. This can’t be that boring to you! Slaying beasts, wielding magic, stealing treasures! SAVING THE WORLD!

Oh, also, if they level up, the characters make some appropriate celebratory gestures… but only with their bodies!

Luneth jumps for joy + Bored face Refia twirls and jumps + Bored face Arc jumps with outstretched arms + Bored face

It doesn’t matter if I managed to steal a Phoenix Down, or defeated another huge muscly boss. Just one look at those expressionless faces just kill the mood. I don’t  feel like the battle was worth anything. The indifference makes me ashamed, even.

Although this may just be a smile.

Arc pulls fist down + Small hint of smug smile

So, some thanks to the unfortunately-named Ingus.

And boo to the rest of you.