One day, after seeing a number of events in Brunei being promoted online and feeling dissatisfied with the information available, I wrote out a checklist for those tasked with promoting events online.

This is only a summary of my original post, which you can read here (Google Doc). If this stuff interests you, do take a look at the actual post as well, as I give lots of examples and reasons for different points. Also: Examples. And examples.

To make sure we’re on the same page, do understand a couple of things about this post:

  • It was intended for events that are meant to be public. This means that you are looking to entice the general public, not just those who are active within your group or association.
  • It concerns sharing events online, and the basic information that should be available about an event. I do not comment on how you build up the hype for an event.

What’s the link for this event, thanks.

Have a permanent link or page URL for the event, so this can be easily shared and referred to. You can use one of the following:

  1. Event page on Facebook, preferably under the group its being hosted by and not under an individual’s name.
  2. A post on your blog (Blogspot, WordPress, Tumblr), and not the main blog URL itself.

What, where, when, why, how?

All important information about the event must be available on the page, and this must be kept up-to-date.

  1. Description should be concise and understandable by readers who have no background knowledge of the event or your group.
  2. Venue: For lesser-known locations, use maps. Be more specific with larger venues (“ICC” vs “Multipurpose Hall, ICC”).
  3. Date and Time: Programmes can be helpful if there are mini-events, or if “doors open” an hour earlier than the “event starts”
  4. Tickets: If tickets are required, state clearly Prices, Locations/Contact Details, and any rules for getting tickets (e.g. bookings, maximum numbers sold, last date of collection).

The “Who” don’t always matter

Whatever contact details you give (e-mail, mobile no, Facebook, Twitter), reply to all enquiries in a timely manner. Be courteous and concise. ‘Nuff said.

Promotion via the different online channels

  1. Information should be consistent whether you’re promoting on radio and printing posters, or cross-posting on Facebook and your blog.
  2. If you use Twitter or Facebook to promote your event, you can use the #Brunei hashtag or “mention” some popular RT-ers (Twitter) or make your post public (Facebook) to try to reach the widest Bruneian audience possible. But don’t spam!
  3. Some websites or webpages have event calendars. Have you heard of these?


Again, the full thing is here: Checklist for sharing Brunei Events online (Google Docs)

I really like it, you should read it 😛

Comments are welcome.


Obligatory “I’m no expert” Disclaimer:

I speak as a member of the public who will, on occasion, turn to the interwebs to find out more information about an event.

These are my thoughts on how to best get information across to the public, when you promote your event online. Not all may be applicable or necessary.