I will no longer be updating this post – I will instead be updating on my projects and writing on this page. I’m keeping this post around for archival purposes.

For those of you wanting to read more recent stuff by me, here are some of my more notable mini-essays, thought dumps, mini-projects, or articles posted on other websites.







  • 2015 Brunei Cabinet Reshuffle: Spreadsheet expanded to include appointments at PermSec & Deputy PermSec (SUT & TSUT) level. I’ve also upgraded it to a database! View database here (Airtable), and see the project page here, including my very useful notes. This is an ongoing project throughout 2017 too!

Writing & Reflections:

Shorter thoughts tagged on Tumblr:

Editing / Compilations:

I also used Help Me Write, a useful little web app, to get feedback on article ideas. Visit and vote (via Twitter login) here This website seems to have shut down, shame :’)


A long list of my public projects (AirTable), both current and old ones.

Archive of notable writings and projects (2015)


I’ll try to keep this list up-to-date. Otherwise, you can probably find me posting over at my Tumblr @rolluptheclouds or Twitter @possiblyzebra. Those of you who are more Tumblr-savvy may be able to navigate my tags.

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