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Posted on 24 Apr, 2021

This is a quick write-up I’ve prepared as a complement to my online “buy a coffee” form – the first ever I’ve made for myself. It’s Brunei-style, for those micro bank transfers we love so much, as an alternative to PayPal and credit/debit card payments. (I’ve also recently opened a Ko-Fi, for those who do have PayPal or credit/debit cards.)

It made me think that the concept of “paying the price of a coffee”, or a “tip jar”, may need to be elaborated.

Why you should pay content creators:

  • Making content takes planning and time. Yes, even tweets and threads. Content like memes, jokes, IG posts, IG stories, Tiktok videos, YouTube videos, blog posts, fandom materials, projects, lists and compilations – they all come from someone’s effort.
  • Making such content constantly may even mean they’re building up lots of experience and expertise in it. Isn’t that worth a cup of coffee, or several? If 99% of the time you don’t pay to use or look at digital social content, it’s still nice or even helpful to someone if you dropped a tip 1% of the time.

Maybe others could use this “tip jar” system too?

  • Micropayments for content creators still seems new in Brunei. I’ve given to my favourite non-Bruneian content creators for years through Patreon or Kickstarter, or by buying their products or merch, or giving one-off PayPal payments.
  • I would like to see more Brunei-based creators who are more talented than me, whether artistically or technically inclined (or both), whether directly or indirectly creating output, to be able to earn income from micropayments if it’s harder to secure regular income from employers or clients.

I’d credit Songket Alliance for being the first online content creator I’ve seen in Brunei to create a donation page and to write up their reasons and cost breakdowns.

I will likely need to come back and expand on certain points here. So if anything seems incomplete – I know I’m not particularly defining the categories of content creation, or addressing influencers and sponsored posts – I’m open to feedback and further improvement!

Apr 2021
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