Happy New Year!

I’m joining Bring Back Blogging for January this year:

During the month of January, make sure your blog has at least three posts. That’s it! Why 3? It’s enough to show a range of content while not being a huge time suck. That’s only, like, 30 tweets.

I managed 4 days of Bloganuary last year, in the last week of January. So three posts for January this year sounds pretty doable. (Famous last words!)

Let’s start here

This blog. I’ll level with you. The site needs more than a revamp. I realised this in 2022 as I moved forward with a new theme.

The site is bogged down with old plugins and amidst repeated incompatibility warnings with the theme, deep down I knew, the revamp wasn’t enough. I need to do some work on the backend.

So, something to squeeze in amongst all the other projects, mini projects and project ideas this year.

With that, so starts my commitment for blogging in January! Coming next, I’m writing an actual 2022 round-up post. Wish me luck.

A post for Bring Back Blogging, January 2023