This is the 3rd, and final, committed post for Bring Back Blogging. I had other drafts, but none substantial enough that I could finish them by the last day of January.

So what can I write about that doesn’t take up a couple unplanned hours? (The newer slightly more productive Hazirah says this. She realises she must not hijack a scheduled week, not even with a medium-sized blog post if it isn’t already in the calendar. Again, another blog post that I don’t know if I’ll ever write.)

And so. I dug out my Pocket favourites from the past 18 months.


  • Not an article published by a major online news or media site
  • Does not have to be published in 2022, but I have read it and ‘faved’ it in the past 18 months

AVCX Bonus Crossword – Diary of a Crossword Fiend, 10 April 2016

This was such a delightful read, even for a casual crossword player. How clever and cheeky crossword creators are!

I’m pretty sure I came across this from one of my subscribed newsletters, as I read another 2016 crossword-related article around the same time – but one of crossword plagiarism.

Not further reading, but a good crossword read:
The plagiarism story above from FiveThirtyEight. Also a good read, and on one of my guilty pleasures – investigative pieces on fraud and plagiarism. It also gives a greater appreciation on the work of crossword-crafting.

Content Warning: Domestic violence

Johnny Depp stans are acting like fucking weirdos – FOUR KENTS, 2 May 2022

If this ‘outs’ me on what ‘side’ of the issue I was on, well, my comments are off. ;P

Last year, I had a conversation with someone who couldn’t believe I was on the ‘other side’. And I was similarly shocked that they were, well, on the ‘other side’ from me. Our conversation got heated, and we gracefully decided to end it by recognising our different stances and remaining on amicable terms.

I am pretty sad (and angry) that this trial had divided people so much; that trial coverage and treating it as an online spectacle had so muddied people’s judgement.

The post above from FOUR KENTS was, I thought, really thorough and clear in its representation of all the points that should matter about the trial.

Further reading:
On Vox, from one of my favourite pop culture writers Aja Romano.

Identifying The ‘Bad Art Friend’ Is Easy – Rottin’ in Denmark, 10 Oct 2021

I cheated, and changed my rules from 1 year to 18 months, to be able to include this article, haha.

When Bad Art Friend came out, it dominated my Twitter feed and my mind for at least two weeks. I really appreciated the perusal here on the chronology of events, to give a less one-sided view on the victim of the Bad Art Friend.

Further listening?
The journalist Michael Hobbes also does podcasts, and is formerly of the You’re Wrong About podcast. I still think about the immense work done on their Princess Diana series.

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