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Things I’ve Written or Made

Last updated Jun 2018 For those of you wanting to read more recent stuff by me, here are some of my more notable mini-essays, thought dumps, mini-projects, or articles posted on other websites. 2018 Miscellany: Late Hours 2018:...

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Archive of Things I’ve Written or Made

For Projects, I keep a more comprehensive list of projects, both current and old ones, over on my Airtable database, and I’m trying to make a more proper website for them. Here I’ll only list some notable projects. 2015 Things...

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Web & apps, communities, government, information design, books, Brunei. Reflections and afterthoughts. I always apologise for not being an expert in what I'm writing about, i.e. my imposter syndrome levels are moderate-high.

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Jan 2022:
Updated What I'm Doing Now

Please bear with the site! I got a new theme but the stuff is kind of everywhere :')

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Brunei on the Web

I'm very interested in Bruneian user-generated content on the web, which I still struggle to explain. (Insert list of academic terms). Here are some!

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