Hi, I’m Hazirah. Bruneian, she/her, in my 30s.

Front-end web developer, incurable collector of offline and digital content, and a tendency towards Brunei-centred projects: Just BruneiansOpen BruneiBrunei Cabinet Database. Formerly of B:Read.

I’ve been online and making websites since 1998. I had a blog in the early 2000s, but this current blog is from 2010.

Here is a little resume of sorts.

Talks & Presentations

Photo of me at the podium, laughing over something, during my presentation

Photo from Syuaib Rahman (GDG Brunei)


Labels indicate the group I represented at the time



Bio & Background

BSc Computer Science. CV includes almost 10 years’ work experience in ICT, including roles as a graduate-level executive, civil servant, and then as a software developer. More recently, in 2018, I became self-employed as a full-time freelance web developer.

In 2020, I embarked on the Just Bruneians project. Previously, I co-founded B:Read in 2011, and retired from the committee in 2016. I co-run Open Brunei (now on unofficial hiatus) and one of my major ongoing projects is the Brunei Cabinet Database.

I have been involved with BARA, Brunei Ultimate Frisbee, Brunei Geek Meet, and Women Techmakers Brunei.

(You can find out more about what I’m up to now!)

Icons used on this page:
Icon of lady with microphone, coloured by yours truly, is a derivative of the original by Eucalyp Studio on Iconfinder, used under CC BY 3.0.

– possiblyzebra

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