Interests and aims

This blog is for my longer pieces of writing (shorter ones are on my Tumblr), and various side projects.

You might be able to tell from my older posts that I once thought I could turn this blog into a book blog (tag:  books category:  book challenges ). I think a lot about my country (tag:  brunei ). I’m probably also a civil service nerd (tag:  government ). I also like webcomics, maps, pizza, and trying new mobile/tablet apps.

Things I’d like to write about eventually, especially in a Bruneian context:

  • My tech interests. I’m a woman in tech, and I started out in a managerial/executive role rather than technical, so I do sometimes suffer from imposter syndrome. My interests are in programming, open data, everyday use of technology, internet communities.
  • I’m an introvert, so I’ve had my challenges as someone who’s been an IT manager, and runs a group that organises events and manages volunteers. I hate networking but see that it’s necessary to achieve certain things. I can be friendly and outgoing when I need to be, but I also like my downtime and privacy.
  • Organisational thoughts, based on my experience in co-running B:Read and working in the government. I like thinking about efficiency and systems and groups.

What do you want to know about me, that helps explain my writing and my blog? If there’s anything you’d like to ask, you can tweet or contact me.

On semi-anonymity

I have a mixed relationship with privacy and anonymity. I also don’t like sharing too much about myself, or being easily Google-able. I am uncomfortable with ambiguous boundaries between social circles.

However, as I became more confident sharing my writing and projects, I’ve come to believe that it’s better for me to use my real name if I want them to be taken seriously. I also prefer to keep my work openly accessible rather than being password-protected.

But it doesn’t mean I won’t sometimes be cranky about it.

– possiblyzebra

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