Reading is something I’ve identified as my “hobby” since I was a kid. I still do, and though I don’t read as often, I still feel strongly about my loves (i.e. favourite books) and think that reading culture should be encouraged. You may have even heard I co-founded a group that attempted to do just that 🙂

Here are my “currently reading” books on LibraryThing. This list is only for books I actually own.

Reading in Brunei

I started the Brunei Bookswap group in 2009 and co-founded B:Read or Bruneians Read (website / Instagram) in 2011.

I no longer run B:Read, but I’m still up for personally swapping books. I try to maintain a lend list and swap/sell list.

I’m also in a feminist book club with some great people and I still do a bit of Brunei reading culture activism on a small scale… Okay okay, I mean that it’s mostly in tweets and quietly compiling online resources.

Writing about Books

This blog originally started as a reading diary, but it didn’t really happen.

Back in 2011, I followed two book challenges: read 12 e-books in a year, and finish some previously unfinished books. You can browse the tags:

  • 12 e-books in 2011 – in which I reread Pride & Prejudice, and read my first full-length Jeffrey Archer novel
  • unfinished books 2011 – including Bill Bryson, self-improvement books, and a book whose author hates TV

(Spoiler: I failed both challenges.)


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