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For those of you wanting to read more recent stuff by me, here are some of my more notable mini-essays, thought dumps, mini-projects, or articles posted on other websites.







  • 2015 Brunei Cabinet Reshuffle: Spreadsheet expanded to include appointments at PermSec & Deputy PermSec (SUT & TSUT) level. I’ve also upgraded it to a database! View database here (Airtable), and see the project page here, including my very useful notes. This is an ongoing project throughout 2017 too!

Writing & Reflections:

Shorter thoughts tagged on Tumblr:

Editing / Compilations:

I also used Help Me Write, a useful little web app, to get feedback on article ideas. Visit and vote (via Twitter login) here This website seems to have shut down, shame :’)


A long list of my public projects (AirTable), both current and old ones.

Archive of notable writings and projects (2015)


I’ll try to keep this list up-to-date. Otherwise, you can probably find me posting over at my Tumblr @rolluptheclouds or Twitter @possiblyzebra. Those of you who are more Tumblr-savvy may be able to navigate my tags.

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