Finding a List of Brunei Associations and Societies

Last updated Sep 2019

Some of you have asked me this question about Brunei associations and societies, and what follows is my answer:

Q: Where can I find, online, a list of registered associations in Brunei?

My answer: As far as I know, there is  no current online list  of ALL registered associations and societies in Brunei. There exists a list of  sports societies , though.

Here’s a poll (optional, of course!) for me to better see how I can make this page more useful, especially for those of you doing research 🙂

What brings you to this page about Brunei societies?

For the sports societies, you can find the list here:

List of Sports Organisations

Maintained by:
Brunei Darussalam National Olympic Council (BDNOC)

Click above to open link

How about all societies? There used to be an official list, as I wrote in my old project update in 2011, but that website went down a few years ago. (We even had a draft application for B:Read, intended for association registration, but that draft went down with the website :/ )

Screenshot of the ROS website from 2010-2011

In recent years, due to the aforementioned project update post, I’ve gotten a few enquiries from people looking for such a list. Read more…

Feb 2019

Delicious ends their friendship with dir.proj

This post hasn't been updated in over 3 years.

It is a sad day to discover that Delicious ( no longer supports my project 🙁

Kind of.

I have recently discovered the failings of searching bookmarks since their relaunch under AVOS Systems in 2011. Findings follow.

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Jan 2012
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Competing with the “Official” List of Bruneian Societies (2011)

This post hasn't been updated in over 3 years.

This post was written in Aug 2011 and applicable as of then. The website of Registry of Societies was inaccessible around 2014-2015, and that was still the case as of 2018. Please read my 2019 follow-up post if you’re looking for Brunei societies and associations.

Last month, I was first aware that the Royal Brunei Police Force had launched their online Registry of Societies [dead link].

You can browse the list of registered and de-registered societies based on “type” and “category” (better terms could be “category”, “sub-category”):

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Aug 2011
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Facebook Pages and Groups: Problem with URLs

This post hasn't been updated in over 3 years.

One of the issues I have with bookmarking Facebook Pages, or heck, any webpage from Facebook, is its URL. The permalinks don’t really work the way you’d expect them to. The URL can change depending on what page you were on previously, or whether you were using the Search function, or viewing the wall, etc. (For more info, have a read on Facebook URLs can reveal your browsing history | FBHive.)

For example, JASTRe is a department under Ministry of Development and they have a Page on Facebook, and its URL is as follows:

However, depending on how you browse Facebook, the URL is not fixed like that. I got this one when searching from JASTRe (despite already being on the Page :P):!/pages/Bandar-Seri-Begawan/JASTRe-Brunei-Darussalam/80905247210

And I got this one from right-clicking on the “Wall” tab:

What happens then, is that if different people bookmark the JASTRe Page but under different URLs, then the link will show up three times, separately, if you search Delicious. It won’t register as the same link being bookmarked by 3 people, so you can’t get a good gauge of the link’s popularity.

This is similar to‘s problem with artist names and scrobbling. If you misspell an artist’s name in your music library, then your playing of the artist’s song will be “scrobbled” to the wrong artist. Imagine that out of 5000 listeners of that song, 10% of listeners also have the incorrect version of the artist’s name, meaning that at least 500 plays are left out of the artist’s statistics. Some people do get pissy if their artists are not as popular as they think 🙂 does now have an auto-correcting function, though I don’t believe it is available for all artists.

What about Facebook “usernames” or “vanity names” you ask? These are the names that shorten the URL and make it easier for people to give out the URLs to their Facebook profiles or Pages.

Unfortunately it’s still the same story. Here is the “clean” version of Simpur Net’s Page URL:

However if I searched for Simpur while I was JASTRE’s Page, then the URL for the Page would look like this:!/simpurnet

Anyway, that is just me complaining on behalf of anyone who cares about the popularity rankings of links in Delicious 😛

Oct 2010
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