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End of 2021: Just 3 Things

When one has been away from one’s blog for a while, there’s tremendous pressure (from oneself) to come back with a Big Ol’ Post. And it’s December, so make that a Big Ol’ End-of-Year Post. But I...

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Being on the 33 under 33

In February, I was told I would be featured by Muslyfe on a list of 33 women under 33 who were “influential”, though it has since been changed to “to watch in 2017”. I can tell you it led to a number of...

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(This is not a post about volunteerism. This is my speculation about viewpoints that other people may have, their motives and feelings, i.e. being all sensitive to other people and stuff.) You’re starting a new club…...

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Web & apps, communities, government, information design, books, Brunei. Reflections and afterthoughts. I always apologise for not being an expert in what I'm writing about, i.e. my imposter syndrome levels are moderate-high.

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