Made in America (Unfinished Book #1)

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Made in America, Bill Bryson, finished Mar 2011. An excerpt from the Wright Brothers/Kitty Hawk chapter shown.

Yes, it’s true! I actually finished an “unfinished book”. 1 out of 2 before March 2011 yo! 😀

I finished “Made in America” by Bill Bryson earlier this week, at lunchtime. Why is that important? To show that sometimes I read books at lunchtime. 😛

This book took me, in total, 6 years to finish. Homaigash.

But really, it’s a terrific read. There is a lot about word and phrase etymology, but I find that rather interesting. The stories contained within – about famous and not-so-famous people in America, who were either part of beginnings, endings, or in-betweens of cultural evolutions – are a delight to read.

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Mar 2011