Origins of supermarkets; self-improvement to benefit others; and how TV ruins our lives (Unfinished Books, Q1 2011)

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So I thought I’d set a clearer goal than just, “Finish 6 previously unfinished books in a year“.

Hence, come 31 Mar 2011, I should have finished any 2 of the following books:

A little bit more about each book:
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Facebook Groups still suck

This post hasn't been updated in over 3 years.

Is it just me, or has the concept and interface of Groups in Facebook not undergone any major changes in the past year? That is, no good major changes.

I have, at various points of my life, been active in forums or discussion boards (e.g. FictionAlley Park, DonationCoder), so I guess I’m biased towards them. My main beef with Facebook Groups are with the two points below:

  1. Activity in Groups are not prioritised by the News Feeds or the Groups application page.
  2. They do not encourage focused group discussion.

So, to better sort out my annoyances with the current Facebook Groups application, I have drawn up some not-so-pretty images of (1) what I would like the Groups main page to look like, and (2) how I wish the discussion boards could be organized.

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Jan 2011
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