Webcomics. This is a list of my recommends. I love great combinations of art, characters and story. My preference is towards fantasy elements – comics with a dash of fantasy or the supernatural – as well as slice-of-life, and autobio comics.

I’ve been reading webcomics since the early 2000s, when a classmate introduced me to one (likely Avalon or Ozy and Millie). In the 2010s, I was reading them weekly, only slightly obsessively.

After gaining more confidence about posting my recommendations, I started this list in 2014, and have periodically updated it since then. This page was previously titled “YSK (You Should Know) about these webcomics“.

Last updated: July 2022

Comics to Read

These comics are not necessarily for children. Some may have violence or profanity. I prefer not to make a distinction. So, please open the links at your own discretion.

If you want comics specifically for kids, check out: All-ages comics at Hiveworks.

Comics with advisories


With caution to my more conservative readers, the comics below have very LGBTQ and/or raunchy content, more rampantly so than in the other list:

And those that have been completed:

Incomplete Comics

Comics that are likely on indefinite hiatus, or are firmly unfinished; or those that underwent a format change:

Completed Comics

For those of you who like to read from start to finish, without waiting for updates:

Tools and Resources

The awesome Piperka keeps me up-to-date with my webcomics.

Screenshot of Piperka

Piperka also contains a lot of useful information such as categories and specific advisories. So if you prefer having that kind of info at hand, do check it out. A comic’s advisories may look like this:

Screenshot of Piperka – Info for Wilde Life comic

Local Comics

You might have seen the lovely comic illustrations on my post Lateness Culture, which I commissioned from a local artist.

I was happy in 2016 to see a rise in Brunei-created comics on Twitter. If I ever find the list again, I will post them here.

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